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Anti-Violence Initiatives

Trinity Alliance houses three of these violence prevention and intervention programs, based in Albany and Troy respectively. 

Re-Entry Services

Re-Entry services are provided by our staff out of Trinity’s Arbor Hill Center at 47 North Lark Street in Albany.  Call us at 518-463-1516 for more information.

Supportive Housing

Trinity Alliance works to house the homeless and people who are at risk of becoming homeless by providing affordable housing with the support of our clients through case management.

Homer Perkins Center (HPC)

Trinity’s Homer Perkins Center, located in the city of Albany, has a philosophy that understands that chemical dependence is a treatable disease that can never be cured, but however can be arrested, if the chemically dependent person is helped to achieve total abstinence from the substance of abuse.   

Housing Resource Navigator

Trinity’s Housing Resource Navigator provides critical assistance for Albany residents at risk of eviction.

Urban Grief

Violence of all types can steal your safety in the community, destroy your sense of trust and cause trauma