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Anti-Violence Initiatives

SNUG: Should Never Use Guns

Albany 518 SNUG 

341 Clinton Avenue, Albany

(518) 694-9191

Albany 518 SNUG 

56 Morton Avenue, Albany

(518) 694-9191


3100 6th Avenue, Troy

(518) 203-7029 

NYS SNUG is run out of New York’s Department of Criminal Justice Services and is implemented in nine cities: Albany, Buffalo, Mt. Vernon, Nassau County, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, Troy and Yonkers. Born out of the tragic shootings in Buffalo, Harlem, Queens, Westchester and other areas in New York, Operation SNUG became the second statewide implementation of the Cure Violence model. 

A project of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, SNUG was launched 2009 with $4 million allocated from the New York State Legislature. SNUG is currently funded at $2.9 million by the state. New York City also supports eight sites across five boroughs through its Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. 

Trinity Alliance houses three of these violence prevention and intervention programs, based in Albany and Troy respectively.  We treat violence as a “disease” that is spread by infectors, and we work to engage those at the physical and social epicenter of violence, by redirecting them into more productive lifestyles, preventing retaliation. The SNUG program in Albany began in October 2010, followed by Troy in 2015. These programs are fully funded through a NY State DCJS grant.   

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Our Outreach Workers lead by example and earn the trust of our participants by showing them that a violence-free lifestyle is desirable.  Our two SNUG teams conducted a total of 226 mediations in 2019 – working with some of the most “at risk” individuals to help quell violence.  Our teams have Emergency Room access at local hospitals and are called in when a shooting occurs to mediate the confrontation that can lead to retaliation.  We also partake in community canvasing, as well as hold community events throughout the year, so that neighbors can meet neighbors. 

Our SNUG program participants are able to utilize all of Trinity Alliance’s wrap around services, so that we can “treat” the whole person. This includes High School Equivalency classes, after school care for children, workforce development to secure employment, parenting classes and anger management. Our dedicated Outreach Workers are often the catalyst for change in a person’s life, as they work to break the cycle of violence together. 

Our programs also feature youth volunteers, working to make a difference in the lives of their peers, while in their most impressionable years.     

We are proud to have been been selected as a 2021 recipient of the Empire Whole Health Heroes Awards recognizing our commitment to the revitalization of the Capital Region

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