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Housing Resource Navigator

Trinity’s Housing Resource Navigator provides critical assistance for Albany residents at risk of eviction. From application assistance to landlord/tenant mediation to direct financial assistance, our Housing Resource Navigator provides wrap-around housing security support.  

Our financial assistance provides a lifeline for individuals who have recently lost employment, incurred an astronomical, unexpected expense (often medical), or who have lost income. We serve as a resource to prevent families from being displaced or needing to seek shelter services. Our services are paired with budget planning and employment searches to ensure the financial assistance is an investment in someone’s future and addresses the root cause of the eviction.   

In 2022, we received an incredible number of requests that met our criteria for assistance. From January to May 2022, we’ve provided 57 cases of direct financial assistance to individuals ranging from $140 to $500. 

Housing Navigator services are located at our Trinity Headquarters at 15 Trinity Place in Albany.  Call 518-449-5155 for more information. 

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