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Afterschool CARE and Summer Camp (ASCARE)

Arbor Hill Center and Trinity Place

Mission: To provide a safe, enriching and stimulating environment in which children and youth can develop spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Description of Program: To provide children with a safe and fun environment; aid in the development of children, youth, and parents; provide scheduled recreational, cultural, educational, and social services programs that will promote constructive leisure time and enable our students to be competitive in the scholastic and work world. Children who are referred because they are enrolled in the prevention program to prevent foster care, receive case managers who work closely with the C.A.R.E. staff. Children ages 5-12.

Eligibility: Youth ages 5-12 residing in Albany; preference to residents of the South End, Arbor Hill, West Hill and foster care prevention referrals.

Referral Process: Application directly to the program, referral from prevention programs city-wide.

Program Sites:

  • Trinity Center – 15 Trinity Place
  • Arbor Hill Center – 47 North Lark Street

Our Program-Specific Outcomes Are: 

  • 90% of our youth will have a safe, structured environment such that none will be harmed communal violence as measured by physical health and well-being. 
  • 85% of the youth will maintain regular attendance in school and in the C.A.R.E. program as measured by attendance records. 
  • 90% will utilize leisure time in a productive manner as measured by participation in at least C.A.R.E. program alternatives such as drama, chess, tennis, arts & crafts, dance, science, and computer activities. 

Contact: Greg Foskey

  • 15 Trinity Place: 518-449-5155 ext. 109
  • Arbor Hill Center: 463-1516

Special Notes: Special programs are offered in drama, arts and photography, intergenerational Latin dance, drama, indoor tennis, robotics and more. Many of these programs are operated through volunteers. These programs are among the first in New York State to become accredited by After School Works in accordance with the state’s best after school program standards.

Program Partners: Cornell Cooperative Extension | Volunteers | Love 15 | An Apple a Day | Albany Public Library.

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