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Foster Care Prevention Program

Call us at 518-449-5155 for any questions. 

When the bonds of a family are stressed, the results can lead to deeper trouble – Family Court, foster care and even arrest.  Anger and other issues resulting from such painful circumstances can cause hurt on all sides for many years to come. 

Trinity Alliance can help.  We have a program that was created to help families learn how to successfully communicate and enjoy their special bond again.  Trinity offers REAL solutions, with a guiding hand to hundreds of families in the Capital Region. 

What we do (based on the family’s needs):
  • grief counseling
  • crisis intervention
  • couples counseling
  • anger management for children 10-17
  • parenting skills
  • after-school programming
  • mental health counseling
  • assistance with: food, clothing, electricity, housing, adequate furniture, etc.
  • transitioning back home from foster care

Each family unit is different.  Our Clinicians and Case Managers get to know the family, and often meet on their terms, in their own homes. Together, they work on goals and what steps needed to achieve those goals.  At all times, families are in charge of their own resolutions, with Trinity staff offering support throughout the process. 

Trinity’s Prevention Program is made possible by support from: 

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